What we specialise in:

Channel 3 Media specialises in media and digital computer productions, we distribute freely our 'One Desktop' software since 2009 replacing our older software product lines 'Series and Suites.' We continually produce beautiful and stunting productions for all to enjoy. With the aid of our studios keeping us in front and advanced above all else we strive to continually make the viewer interested in the deliverable content. With our systems ready for broadcast television, radio and our servers ready for computer generated animations there is no better quality at a cost effective price.

Brief History:

Powerway Era (2001 - 2005):

A project originally started Late September 2001 with electronics grew into video concepts in 2004. With introduction to Non-Linear editing techniques in 2005, experimental animating and graphic designs with single to single frame concepts began to take shape. In 2006 began the year where all productions were expanded with musical looping and sampling introduced which later expanded that same year.

JC and Julian's (Late 2005 - March 2009):

JC (2005 - 2007) was the name of our organisation until being changed to Julian's in late 2007. During this tie our software development grew with the introduction to our Suites and Series. Julian's introduced five versions of Series before ending the development in late 2008. 2008 also saw Channel 3 expand beyond all expectations until in March 2009 Julian's was renamed and branded to today's Channel Three Media.

Channel Three Media (March 2009 - Present):

2009 introduced digital version 1.0 to all productions majorly affecting Channel 3 Network with the introduction to widescreen productions. Continually that year the expansion of new techniques towards graphics and animations followed the former method of Print screening, where a template was set up and digitally photographed to produce an image. Seven frames often took about two hours to be successfully plotted. In early 2009 "Channel 3 Network.com" made its debut on the internet after several months of planning in 2008. After four years of using the animation method our stop motion technique of printing ended with motion-flowing in early 2010. This required a continuous image to be altered to create the idea of motion. Due to this Channel 3 Network finally achieve full HD quality productions on all videos which is still used today. One Desktop finally became the new software suite with currently eleven different available applications ready to download for free via this website. In March 2010 Channel 3 Network Studios got an upgrade making it possible to expand, since then we have enjoyed over 40 upgrades to our Studios.

Current Assets:

  • Channel Three Network
  • Channel Three Network ~ Digital Entertainment Distibution
  • Motion Flow Animations
  • One Desktop Suite and Components
  • ID Link User Services
  • Connect Three
  • Systems and Servers
  • Channel3network.com
  • Internal Channel 3
  • Greenvale, Melbourne Studios