Motion Flow Animations

Motion Flow Animations offers some of the best possible graphics, animations and titling services. Generally titling is included with Channel Three Network, however Motion Flow Animations offered more advanced and clearer cut images to suit your needs. Motion Flow doesn’t offer its services for individuals and is directly aimed at the professional market. Rendering high definition frames within minutes, Motion flow can have beautiful and presentable animations and titles with in your time frame.

Video Production Attributes

Standard High Quality
Sequencing Engine One Desktop Sequela One Desktop Sequela
Animation Engine One Desktop Sequela One Desktop Sequela
Colour Depth 32Bits 32Bits
Frame Dimensions Maximum 4000x4000 5000x5000
Average Frame Render Time 1-3 Minutes* 2-15 Minutes*
Ray Tracing No Yes
Motion Blur Partial Yes
Frame Rate 23-50fps 23-50fps

Production Structure

MFA can be used in conjunction with Channel Three Services, however it is advised not. Motion Flow Animations can either be the final product or it can run into Channel Three Network as a production where it can be distributed and printed.
If it doesn’t run through the C3N pathway, you will be provided with the RAW complied content. This content is licensed to be used anywhere.

  • Collection of Information
  • Event Registration
  • Location and logistics
  • Equipment Locations
  • Storyboard, script or programme (if applicable)
  • Equipment Setup
  • Recording
  • Camera recording
  • Reeling
  • Transferring
  • Editing
  • Checking
  • Rendering (if applicable)
  • Printing
  • Copying
  • Distribution

Costs and licencing

This service is welcomed by individuals up to organisations, pricing is based on length, licensing (if any), allowance to edit or publicly display and features of the product. This service also offers restoration of older video formats and the ability to use our studios. Animations and titling are at no extra charge, however more professional options offered by Motion Flow Animations can be considered.

2015 Animation and titling Pricing

Features Titling Basic Standard Premium
2D Motion Flow Yes No No No
3D CGI Yes Yes Yes Yes
Complexity NA Partially Moderately Very
Rendering Engine Sequela Render Basic RMPS RMPS RMPS
Multicamera No Yes Yes Yes
Shading Yes Yes Yes Yes
Texturing Yes Yes Yes Yes
Licensing Type See Channel Three Network (Video Production)
Maximum Length 10 Minutes 5 Hours 4.5 Hours 4 Hours
Single Price $ 20 NA NA NA
Price Per Rendering NA $ 760 per day $ 910 per day $ 1200 per day
Multiple Licenses Prices See DED See DED See DED See DED

Additional Information

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Why chosse us?

With over 6 years of experience in editing over 400 hours of linear and non-linear editing, we are the ones who know best. With cutting edge equipment well trained operators can provide the best production experience. For weddings to a film idea we can help make the possible happen.

* Determined by rendering a 1920x1080 frame with ray tracing, with a moderately complex scene.