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New Event Manager 5.54
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New Event Manager

Welcome to the exciting new world for event management. New Event Manager allows the owner or operator of the event to successfully create, manage and organise their events carefully. This new version now is more portable than ever and will save your settings for personalisation on its set location. 

Now with additional features including file management and task management.

Included features
Feature Ne Ne Ne4 Ne5 New Event Manager New Event Manager 5.51
2 3 4 5 5.5 5.54
Event registration and Creation Yes Yes Yes Yes* Yes* Yes*
Event Viewer Yes Yes* Yes* Yes* Yes* Yes*
Line Editing No No Yes* Yes* Yes* Yes*
Multitasking Yes Yes Yes Yes* Yes* Yes*
Calendar No No No Yes Yes* Yes*
Event Document File Management No No No Yes Yes* Yes+*
Multiple Registrations and Viewers No No No Yes* Yes* Yes*
Extra Features No No No Yes Yes Yes*
'Yes,' Partial or basic features included, Yes* Advanced features included, Yes+ Additional functions included.

To Download please click the button below and then save it to your preferred file location:

New Event Manager 5.51
New Event Manager 5.54

Windows Download

Version: 3.01
Size: 24.0MB
Installation only, includes Shift Income Professional.
Compatible with: Windows 2000, XP, Vista and 7


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